FESPA 2017 Hamburg - Hall B6 A92

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FESPA 2017 Hamburg - Hall B6 A92

FESPA 2017 Hamburg - Hall B6 A92
"Our job is to serve you, our pleasure is to meet you."
Tecno's Staff
27 Aprile 2017

TECNO’s products are constantly gaining success in every field of application, from screen printing and digital printing, to marble, food and wood processing, from aesthetics to Automotive, and many others.

As regards SCREEN PRINTING, we are proud to offer a wide and complete range of SERITEC® SQUEEGEES – suitable for all kind of manual, semiautomatic and automatic screen printing – however…

Our R&D Department never rests! They really can’t help keeping on comparing, testing and searching, as the bee in their bonnet keeps on flying round and round!

SERITEC®C – where C stands for Ceramic – is what they have just taken out of their inspiring bonnet. Tecno has been producing soft squeegees for ceramic printing for years…what’s new then? Come and find out!

We will be waiting for you in Hall B6, Booth A92….

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