Squeegees for Screen Printing

Squeegees for Screen Printing

Polyurethane products

SERITEC® Squeegees for Screen Printing
SERITEC® range of squeegees has been developed – thanks to the great experience of all Tecno's crew – to satisfy all screen printing industry demands.
The SERITEC® formula – in its Standard, HR, UV, Antistatic and TS versions – guarantees a high resistance to abrasion, solvents and inks. Moreover, our advanced cutting and chamfering techniques along with our skilled operators’ know how ensure uniformity of profiles: high printing precision is assured.
The quality of all our squeegees has been tested directly by screen printers, in different printing field: the excellent feedbacks confirm the already positive results we obtain in chemical lab tests.

Our squeegees are available in the following dimensions:
  • HARDNESS: from 50 Sh A to 95 Sh A
  • LENGTH: mm 3660 or mm 3050 – we can also cut squeegees following your specific requests
  • WIDTH: from 20 mm up to mm 100
  • THICKNESS: from mm 4 up to mm 10
  • SPECIAL SQUEEGEES: 9x9, 9.5x9.5, 10x10 square profile

We usually produce squeegees in the international standard colours, according to the hardness:
  • 65 SH
  • 75 SH
  • 85 SH
  • 60, 70, 80, 90, 95 SH
  • Other colours are available on request.

65 SH squeegees are very soft; they are usually used to print on ceramic and with glitter inks.
75 SH squeegees are recommended for printing on glass and on garments.
85 SH squeegees are used to print with high-speed automatic machines, to print on CDs, credit cards, electronic circuits, small objects, where high precision is required.
SURFACE: if the item you have to print has an rough, non-planar surface, the most suitable squeegee durometer is between 60 and 70 sh. If the surface is smooth, a harder durometer squeegee, between 80 and 90, should be used.
MESH: if a high mesh count (mesh very thin!) is being used, you need a harder squeegee (80 or 90 sh); if you are printing with glitter ink (which has large flakes of shiny, plastic material that have to pass through the mesh) you should use a softer squeegee.
INKS: the more aggressive inks, such as UV inks, cause more damage to the squeegee than a standard water based ink. The harder the material, the more solvent resistant the blade. Therefore, to eliminate swelling and chemical breakdown, use a harder durometer squeegee
INK DEPOSIT: a soft squeegee will deposit a thicker layer of ink than a harder squeegee.
AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL: hard durometer squeegees are normally used on high speed automatic machines (high degree of abrasion that occurs during a production run). Softer durometers squeegees are typically used for low-pressure low speed manual and semi-automatic presses.

In double- and triple-layer squeegees, the blade has a soft print edge, and a rigid backing material supporting it.
Double-layer squeegees grant higher quality in printing even where it is necessary to print with a soft blade. The hard layer increases the stability of the squeegee.
In triple-layer squeegees, the hard core of the triple-layer squeegee further improves precision, even in fast automatic printing: it gives stability to the squeegee even if you need to print with a soft squeegee (i.e.: 65/90/65 sh is soft but very stable).

  • 65-90-65 SH
  • 75-90-75 SH
  • 85-90-85 SH
  • 70-90-70 SH

Our squeegees are available with the following profiles:

We can also produce different profiles, according to your request.

The profile of the Squeegee determines the thickness of the ink deposit laid down: how much ink you need to deposit on the surface you are printing.
SQUARE EDGE P0: the most common squeegees, they are mainly used on cylinder, textile, and manual presses.
ROUND EDGE P3-P4: generally used in the textile industry, when a very heavy ink deposit is required.
BEVELED EDGE (“V”SHAPE) P5-P6: they are typically used for printing rounded surfaces where high definition is required efficient on high-speed automatic machines.
PROFILI P1-P2: more specific applications.

Along with our standard SERITEC® squeegees, we can supply special products. They are characterized by specific formulations according to the different final applications.

Usually used in garment and textile printing. Suitable for manual and automatic printing, resistant to water-based inks and common solvents.

High resistance squeegee, with optimal abrasion and chemical resistance. Perfect for high-speed printing (glass printing, cd printing, credit card printing...)

Specifically conceived for high definition printing with UV and Vinyl inks. Highly recommended for printing on PVC, Polycarbonate, Polyesters, Aluminium.

Realized to reduce dust deposits and optimize printing precision. The Anti-static formulation avoids electrostatic charges, even if the squeegee is used at a fast speed.

This squeegee has been developed to meet the most demanding customers' needs.
It is highly resistant to abrasion and to the most aggressive inks and solvents. The special formulation reduces the swelling of the squeegee, granting a longer lifetime of the blade.
Especially conceived for high-speed automatic printing, glass printing, cd printing, credit card printing, and all industrial and electronic printing.

We usually use small boxes (mm 41x41x30 h) containing 10 squeegees 3050x50x9 max.
We can also use single-squeegee box – it protects the squeegees form edge damaging, dust and light.
We can label each squeegee with the data you need (batch, dimensions, hardness, profile, brand name...).
It is highly recommended to store squeegees in a dry, room-temperature (between 15°C and 21°C) environment, far from light sources. We advise to keep the squeegee laid down on a flat surface for 24 h before using it.

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Polyurethane products
Squeegees for Screen Printing